GPS/AVL Real-Time Map Service Legend

Road Temp:

red.png- Road temp of 38 degrees or more

yellow.png- Road temp of 33 to 37 degrees

blue.png- Road temp of 32 degrees or less


front.png- Front plow down

belly.png- Belly plow down

wing.png- Wing plow down

Solid Spread Rate:

solid1.png- Solid spread rate of 0 to 100 lbs/mi

solid2.png- Solid spread rate of 100-200 lbs/mi

solid3.png- Solid spread rate of 200-300 lbs/mi

solidblast.png- Solid spread rate of more than 300 lbs/mi (blasting)

Other Spread:

liquid.png- Liquid spread is active

prewet.png- Pre-wet spread is active


stop.png- Truck has not responded for an extended period of time.

Summer Mode:

grey.png- Road temp not reported

summer.png- Summer mode active