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Where does this information come from?

RWIS - Roadway Weather Information System
These sensors are located in and along Iowa's Interstate and primary roads. The RWIS network of sensors is designed to provide Iowa Department of Transportation Maintenance employees the specific weather information they need about the roadway.   With specific roadway-based weather information, better decisions and  treatment strategies for snow and ice control are possible. The information is also a valuable aid in summer activities where weather can affect the timing and completion of projects such as pavement patching, mowing, herbicide spraying, etc.

AWOS - Automated Weather Observing System
These sensors are part of the Iowa Aviation Weather System and are located at airports across the state. This system was designed and built primarily to assist pilots in assessing weather conditions.

Regional Forecasts
These regional forecasts are excerpts from a winter forecast received by the Iowa Department of Transportation from a private contractor. The forecasts are used as a tool to plan the actions of the Maintenance crews on Iowa's Interstate and primary highways when winter weather threatens.

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Weather Data Disclaimer: The weather data provided here by the Iowa Department of Transportation only reflects conditions at the specified site. Because of Iowa weather patterns, conditions can vary greatly in a small area; i.e., weather conditions a few miles away from the sensor could be completely different. In addition, failure of the sensors, or the equipment processing the information, may occur and produce unreliable information. Therefore, this information should not be used as the only factor in determining whether to travel in a particular area. The Iowa DOT recommends you check a number of sources, including media weather reports, in making your travel plans.

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